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  • Client

    Woodin Creek Village Associates LLC

  • Architect


  • Location

    Woodinville, WA

  • Space

    13 buildings  |  858,000 SF

  • Market


  • Features

    Salmon Safe
    Design-build elements
    Major ROW work

The Woodin Creek Village complex, ranked among the Eastside’s largest construction projects, is a 13-building luxury apartment community that will continue to grow and develop. This phased project includes multiple unit schemes and finish packages in its residential, commercial, retail, and garage components. The buildings include many different structural systems, cladding types, high-end amenity and common spaces, rooftop spas, and significant City of Woodinville right-of-way improvements.

The size and nature of the complex made it similar to building an integrated community, with common systems like lighting and fire alarm, rather than constructing individual buildings. Coordination between each building was exceptionally important. With the buildings’ proximity to Woodin Creek, construction around the sensitive creek restoration zone required careful monitoring and detailed plans to protect the environment.

The team superimposed AutoCAD backgrounds over aerial photography, ensuring that walls, MEP sleeves, shafts and other critical elements were placed perfectly before any concrete was poured. In addition, 360° photos were taken in individual units and uploaded to our punch list management system before insulation and drywall were installed, providing a clear record of what is under the drywall in every unit.

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