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  • Client


  • Architect

    SMR Architects

  • Location

    Kirkland, Washington

  • Space

    58 units | 53,589 SF
    Affordable Housing

  • Market


  • Features

    AGC Build Washington Award

    Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards

The South Kirkland Transit Oriented Development involved multiple developers and required extensive coordination between project teams. As the affordable housing component of a larger development, Velocity brought together many diverse stakeholders during preconstruction and construction. The project site is shared with a King County Metro transit center/park and ride where service was uninterrupted during construction. Concurrent with the construction of Velocity, 184 units of market rate housing were built by a separate team of builders on the same podium as Velocity. The market rate housing was scheduled to complete six months after Velocity’s occupancy. Shared construction elements and access, different completion timelines and overlapping permits between projects required extensive coordination between the project teams. W.G. Clark shepherded these relationships successfully from start to finish. The team’s unwavering commitment and consistent coordination efforts allowed the project to be completed on time and under budget, with full occupancy just three months after completion.

W.G. Clark brought creative value engineering solutions to the project. Large steel planters were replaced with custom handmade steel boxes sourced through the farming industry. In addition, our expertise in wood framed residential projects enabled us to rework residential venting and soffits, resulting in significant savings and the added benefit of higher ceilings in some residences. Working with our window supplier, we found offset fresh air vents that maintained the windows’ sound ratings. This project-specific solution saved money and eliminated many through wall venting penetrations. With buses constantly rumbling around the project, the project’s acoustical properties were critical to the quality of life for future residents.

Velocity has been heralded as one of the nicest affordable housing projects in the region and a beacon of how affordable housing can be seamlessly integrated into neighborhoods.

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