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  • Client

    Edmonds Senior Center &
    City of Edmonds

  • Architect

    Environmental Works

  • Location

    Edmonds, WA

  • Space

    26,299 SF
    Community center with lounge
    Wellness clinic with exam rooms
    Flexible meeting and event space
    Commercial kitchens
    Administrative offices

  • Market

    Civic, Non-Profit, Special Projects

  • Features

    AGC Build Washington Award Winner, fossil-fuel-free, LEED Gold

    Salmon Safe

The Edmonds Waterfront Center project included demolition of the 55-year-old Edmonds Senior Center and new construction of the reimagined community center on the Edmonds waterfront. The stunning new community center is a two-story, 26,299 SF wood-framed building, featuring a building-height glass curtain wall facing Puget Sound. The center also showcases art and artifacts from the Coast Salish tribes. 

This project was built concurrently with W.G. Clark’s adjacent waterfront redevelopment project which was under a separate contract with the City of Edmonds. Interdependencies on scheduling, site access, staging and utilities required both W.G. Clark teams to plan weeks ahead for work that affected both projects. Both projects finished just days apart. 

The construction schedule revolved around the “fish window,” when forage fish are in their spawning cycle. We constructed a temporary seawall to allow building work to continue during this time. Careful measures were taken to protect the marine environment throughout the project.

Mid-construction, the client’s board voted to switch to an all-electric, fossil-fuel-free building, with a 305-panel rooftop solar array. This required major changes to the electrical and plumbing systems. Seamlessly integrating these changes raised the building’s LEED rating from silver to gold.

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