Trinity Parish Church
    Seattle, WA

    Historic renovations are nothing new to W.G. Clark, but the opportunity to work on Seattle’s classic sandstone Trinity Parish Church, completed in 1891, was very special. We were part of a team asked to develop a scope of work both for restoration and future maintenance. Once the planning and investigation process had been completed, we began restoration work, which included using historically accurate lime putty mortar to replace the harder mortar used in a previous restoration which had caused the sandstone to break up over time.

    The masonry was cleaned, repaired and tuckpointed. Other work included replicating the missing or deteriorated stone crosses, replacing the steeple roof, restoring belfry tower louvers and cupola, and window repairs. We also replaced the yellowed stained glass protection with new material, repaired areas where there was water intrusion, and performed structural repairs.

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