360° Perspective.
For 360° Confidence.

Looking for a builder who brings more to the job? Consider W.G. Clark.
From our comprehensive thinking to our complete range of services,
our signature 360° approach enables us to add more value and deliver
total solutions—for your project and your peace of mind.

A complete team.

Our hands-on principals lead in-house personnel with the skill and experience to address every aspect of your project. Our team includes project managers, superintendents, specialty field support, administrative staff and a diverse range of craft workers. In our office and on your jobsite, we have you covered.

Comprehensive Thinking.
Every Possibility Considered.

Bringing your vision to life depends on countless variables–and your builder’s
ability to manage them. That’s why we turn over every issue before we turn a
shovel. We scrutinize each project from every angle, think fast on our feet, and
love nothing more than identifying opportunities our clients might otherwise miss.

Insight informed by experience.

We attract and keep outstanding people by encouraging innovative thinking, providing opportunities to succeed, and recognizing outstanding performance. We promote teamwork through events and programs that build unity and camaraderie. Community outreach and involvement are part of our company culture, and we encourage employee volunteerism and support for civic organizations and events.

A Seamless Circle of Service.
From Preconstruction Through the Punch List.

Our integration of multiple services under one roof creates seamless

communication from team to team, providing continuity that maintains

momentum. Along the way we communicate clearly and continuously,

so you always know where you stand.

Tradespeople at work.

To deliver a wide range of highly skilled services, we choose from both experienced in-house and proven subcontract craft workers. Self-performing where appropriate is one way we ensure exceptional quality and seamless service from start to finish. Our award winning safety program protects all who work on or visit our jobsites, promoting an injury-free environment and enhancing productivity and quality.

A Century of Local Experience.
Well-Rounded Expertise.

Our firm was founded in 1910, so there isn’t much we haven't built.
That history and experience enable us to arrive at solutions faster
and offer insight on virtually any project. Because we’re locally
owned, working with us means building the local economy, too.

Facing forward.

We love a new idea. Our people are trained in the latest best practices and continually incorporate methods, technology and materials that help us work smarter. Proud as we are of our century of service, we thrive on developing innovative approaches for building tomorrow’s projects.

Sustainable Practices.
In Your Building and Ours.

We’re experts in sustainability certification processes—including LEED,
Construction Works, and Built Smart—with systems in place to document all
your relevant data. For us, sustainability begins in the office: We support wind
power to offset our electricity use, and we’ve cut our power consumption and
solid waste substantially. Because it’s ingrained in our culture, sustainability is
an inseparable part of our approach to every project.

Leading on LEED.

Nearly all of our project managers and project engineers have LEED credentials. Altogether, our team has overseen many LEED-certified projects, with more in development. Our experienced teams will manage the process to achieve sustainable goals for your project.

An Altogether
Smart Way to Build.

Our signature 360° approach has earned us longstanding relationships and helped
build some of the Pacific Northwest’s most vital buildings. More important, it’s why
so many of our clients have kept budgets under control, stayed on schedule and
pleased their own clients time and again.

People you’ll want to work with.

We’ve become one of the region’s leading firms by offering expertise without attitude. Our down-to-earth style and best-in-class know-how have earned us relationships with many repeat clients. We hope you’ll become one of them.